Taste Lyrics

I'm in love with the expensive
and so are you
Spending more, than I can chew
Throwing up, cause I'm high
and crying cause I'm low from being high

And if I could I would marry you
I would dance until my feet are fucking blue
we could have the world and we would have all the money too

. . . . . . . . 

So get out by getting up
this world, fucking sucks if you don't have what you want
but what you need
your mother sure would love your free company
and I would love to see my father if he asked me

But I got my love so, I don't want but need
The expensive taste, oh what a waste
I sure don't need this
are you sure I don't need this
Absolutely positive

I'm spinning the web of what my body controls 
being in my twenties, am I going to be like this at thirty
and I only have a couple years to go
and I only have a couple years to go.

Home in the valley

Running to a distance
running for what
anywhere I go
it wouldn't be called home.

You wouldn't be there and my heart will have to beat alone and that's fine too but I'd like to think we have many years to go. 

What am I doing calling you a friend
I'm miserable and miss-spoken 
and here you love me yet.

I wish I was seven
so you wouldn't have met me
because if I fucked up your life
your mother would hate me.


I see the World like a shooting star
but it does not go far,
burned up all the light
the wish might not get to fall hard.

Black widow babies
they’re chasing after me, after me.

Why are you smiling?
That’s your name written on the grave.

Black widow babies
don’t slide across the fluid water.
It’s poisoning that 
this house has fallen apart again.

Black widow babies
run outside before the flames,
run to our neighbors. 

Jenny never cleans anyway.

Self Control

Annoyed of self control, too controlled by the insane.

Defined by our people then more than just the chemicals changed.

I saw the anger in your mind that despised all the rest.

Is she a refused realization of a portrait of the young world with a crooked mind?

Like, she the world plays innocent to pass the time and what she lost is sent to no return.

Accept the only thing that lingers is her annoyance of what is self control.

Moonlight Glow

I bathe in the moonlight only to soak in the night glow.
My skin shines with the stars but I have to remain unknown.
(I can see the fields below) 
The wind has died down and the birds have gone home.
I'm in my shower looking out from the tall window of my black tower.
My body flows in the waves that the speaker plays.
As the water drips to the beats of the words to be sang.